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The Fine Line

There is something to be said for giving it an all-out effort in the gym, but once your form begins to falter and your endurance has hit its breaking point, you might as… Continue reading

The Wounded Warrior Workout

I’m locked up at home, fresh off a surgery. I’ve been injured since October and because of the limitations of my lower body (still can’t believe I fought in November), have lost a… Continue reading

Wounded Warrior

*Warning: not a light-hearted read by any means. But this is my blog and I can rant and rave however I like* I’ve always wanted this blog to be a place where I… Continue reading

Tips To a Toner & Trimmer Tummy

There are few things sexier than lean and defined abs… man or woman, it’s doesn’t really matter, I find firm toned abs to be incredibly alluring. Seeing washboard abs on an Abercrombie &… Continue reading

Pilates Ain’t For Pussies – (or The Importance of a Strong Core for Fighters)

I’ve recently started training some of the fighters in core strengthening, and wow, I was scarily surprised at how much work they need in that department. There’s a misconception out there that to… Continue reading

Fighting Is The FUN Part!

After all my hard preparation of training, conditioning, physio, weight-cutting, and basically not having a personal life, this past weekend I finally got my reward: the fight. It felt great to finally be… Continue reading

Cutting Weight Is Harder Than The Fight

I’m 24 hours away from weigh-ins, my stomach is grumbling, I’m fatigued and light-headed, and feeling like an angry bear. The last meal I will eat until Saturday morning was dinner on Thursday.… Continue reading

Listen To Your Body – Stop When You Feel Pain

If there’s one training sermon I will consistently preach, it’s this: Listen to your body and stop when something hurts. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sustained unnecessary injuries because I… Continue reading

F*ck The Sword, I Live By The Tape!

Athletic tape is definitely this fighter’s best friend. Akin to a heroin junkie going through withdrawals, when I’m out of tape, I start getting the shakes, get really anxious and depressed. I simply… Continue reading